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Summer Timetable

Following the government announcement regarding the removal of legal restrictions we have been reviewing the measures in place across our schools.

Whilst we are keen to get back to normal, we also know that the virus is still in circulation and to jump back to normal is not the best approach. We will gradually make changes as and when we feel it is safe to do so, but in the meantime please do continue to be show the caution, patience, and respect you have been doing over the last few months.

Some of the things we will be changing:

  1. CLASS BOOKING – The booking in system will remain to ensure we don’t over crowd the room.
  2. SPECTATORS – For the time being this will remain unchanged. At Bromborough we will keep the large door open to allow for people to view from outside or just inside the building.
  3. MASKS – Masks will not be compulsory but are advisory, however, we urge you to make your decision based on the numbers inside at the time etc.
    1. HOOLE students only – as we use the community centre at Hoole, we need to follow their guidance. They are still requesting all visitors/spectators wear masks indoors.
  4. SPARRING! – We would like to introduce contact sparring back into the classes. It’s been 16 months since we have been able to spar, and this is a key part of the Taekwondo syllabus from Blue Belt and up.  We will be slowly reintroducing this back into classes, where people feel comfortable.  We would ask those with sparring equipment to dust it off and bring to classes as we will be starting to do sparring drills in class again.

Finally, we want to ensure all our students and parents feel safe, so whilst we gradually relax some of the measures, we may at time ask people to wait outside if we feel the areas are too crowded.

We hope you understand and would welcome your support as we try to balance things as we move forward.

Sparring Equipment DISCOUNT

As a result of the changes and the fact we can now spar again, we are holding a promotion on sparring equipment.  It you buy any sparring equipment between now and the end of August you will receive 10% off.  Just use the code SPAR10 on the app to receive the discount.

Summer Timetable

We’ve noticed numbers dropping in classes we know this happens through the summer and this year it’s coupled with the high numbers of people isolating (but please do cancel your spaces in class if you can’t attend)

As a result, we’ve decided to make some additional changes through the summer:


  • Tuesdays – the family class will be cancelled until September. The junior class will run as normal at 6 p.m.
  • Black Belt Club – this will stop in Wallasey over the summer and start back up in September. Black Belt club will still run at Bromborough on a Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. and for Juniors on a Friday at 5 p.m. This Wednesday will be the last Black belt Club at Wallasey until September.


  • Thursdays – the family class will be cancelled on a Thursday and the Sparring class will move in its place at 7 p.m. Both will resume at the original times in September. Feel free to jump in the sparring class for some extra fitness over the summer. We do lots of drills, pad work and fitness.

BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND – just a reminder that we will be closed from Friday 27th August to Tuesday 31stAugust. The last class will be Thursday 26th August.

Grading and Ninja Graduation – The next coloured grading is Saturday 25th September. We have decided to move the ninja graduation to after the summer holidays to Sunday 12th September


We have noticed the uniform standards slipping recently. We just want to remind everyone that the uniform is an important part of Martial Arts. It promotes commonality among the students. It fosters a sense of pride. It sets boundaries and helps participants see the dojang and Taekwondo class as a training environment.

It gives a sense of community, confidence, respect and discipline.

Please can you ensure that you are coming to class in any of the following:

  • Full white Dobok
  • Training Trousers or Club shorts/leggings (during the summer)
  • UTA or OMA t-shirts
  • UTA or OMA Hoodies
  • Belts!
  • For the summer we are allowing white bottoms and a t-shirt for Black Belt club and full white Doboks will be expected from September.

No non taekwondo related tops please, including football t-shirts.

No Jewellery – for health and safety reasons please do not wear Jewellery in class, fitness watches can be worn but only on your belt.

Stock delay – We are still waiting for our stock of Doboks to arrive from India, we have been assured that this will arrive around 31st July! Fingers crossed!  We can only apologise to those waiting for the stock. As soon as they are we will let everyone know.

If you do have any questions or concerns about the above, then please do speak to one of the team

Many Thanks

Team UTA

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