Family Martial Arts in Wirral

Train Together And Build Strong Bonds In Our Family Martial Arts Classes

Our Family Martial Arts Classes are offering you the chance to train alongside your loved ones and build a shared passion along the way! 

We're helping people of all ages and experience levels come together for an incredible experience. You'll learn from professional instructors and develop a great new family tradition in the process. 

Our Family Martial Arts Classes are offered at The Academy Bromborough and across all of our convenient locations. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more! 

Why Is Family Martial Arts Training Right For You?

This programme is all about bringing together people from all across the community for a high-energy system of fitness, self-defence, and incredible self-confidence.

At our Schools, we're giving you the chance to learn the very best traditional martial arts skills in town and help your children develop lifelong habits of physical activity at the same time. 

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We're giving:

  • Professional martial arts instruction
  • A safe, ego-free facility
  • Tailored training strategies for any skill level
  • A great group of new friends and supporters

Treat Your Family To An Experience Like No Other With Our Family Martial Arts Classes

If you're looking for a great way to stay active and enjoy the company of your loved ones - all at the same time! - we have the answer for you here at Universal Taekwondo Academies (formerly Wirral & Chester Taekwondo). 

Our Family Martial Arts programme is offered at our Academy in Bromborough and across our satellite locations in Wallasey, Hoole and Chester. 

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  • Bromborough
  • Wallasey


  • Hoole
  • Northgate Arena

Proudly Serving Wirral & Chester With Professional Taekwondo Training

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