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Indomitable Spirit


Taekwondo has been a love of mine for over 35 years. It’s not just a hobby or a job for me, but a way of life!  The tenets of Taekwondo have guided me through many situations, these are:




Self Control

Indomitable spirit

Never more so than today, in these uncertain and challenging times, have these tenets been so pertinent. With the forced closure of our locations, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I was faced with a challenge I never thought I’d be facing. Friday 20th March 2020 was a massive blow for me, like many school owners or business owners, and for a moment I thought that was it, after 25 years of teaching and building my dream, I’d have to close my school for good. We wouldn’t survive. The messages of support came flooding in from our wonderful students and I realised that I couldn’t let them down.

These were worrying times, peoples lives have been changed dramatically in the space of a few days, many had added pressures of now homeschooling their children on top of working from home, exercise would be limited as our social distancing measure became more stringent.

I wanted to keep our students active, both for their physical and mental health. It was never more important than now! We had a role to play in lifting spirits and keeping our wonderful community together and supporting each other.

Here’s where my indomitable spirit kicked in!

That’s when I realised we had to adapt and within a matter of 24 hours we had moved our entire school to an online offering! Using Zoom, a video conferencing tool, we would broadcast a timetable of live classes through the week, we would pre-record tutorials for students to follow in their own time at home, we would provide 121 sessions (as part of their membership fee) to help them with technique, as well as run competitions to keep the children active and engaged in martial arts.

It’s proving to be a great success!  We are getting amazing feedback from all those taking part and mainly we are hearing that they are grateful for the ‘normality’ that we bring in such uncertain times.

I’m hugely proud of our students and the dedication they are showing to their Taekwondo training. Each and everyone of them demonstrating each and every one of the tenets and confirming to me how Martial Arts can truly change your life for the better!

Master Saunders


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