Inclusively Taekwondo - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo


Our Patron Ryan

The concept of the charity began with a young boy called Ryan. His mum really wanted him to be involved in a sport but couldn’t find one he enjoyed and could manage. He wanted to participate in the taekwondo classes but struggled with the discipline, coordination and confidence. Ryan’s mum paid for an instructor to support Ryan, on a one to one basis, in Academy classes. Within three months he was fully participating independently in Academy classes.

This is what Ryan’s mum had to say:
I first brought Ryan along to the academy six months ago after trying many other activities. In the past he had never enjoyed anything involving groups of children he didn’t know so I was unsure what to expect. His anxiety and lack of confidence held him back from joining in with the class or even going on the mats away from me at first but with the instructor’s help, this began to change. 
I could have never imagined that after only a few months he would have been able to complete a grading and get his ‘yellow stripe’ belt that he had been so desperate for. Even more than that, to watch him overcoming his difficulties and becoming more confident in himself, not only striving to learn Taekwondo to the best of his abilities but also joining in as part of the class without fear is just incredible. 
I am so proud of Ryan and am excited to see how far he can go now that he finally has the belief in himself that I have always had in him. 
The instructors have been so understanding, patient and dedicated to helping Ryan achieve his goals and it would be a fantastic idea to be able to expand on the work she has done with him to help other children. 
My only regret is that I didn’t bring him to Wirral & Chester TKD years ago!

Ryan was the inspiration for Inclusively Taekwondo and is now our very enthusiastic patron. Members of the Academy have been very supportive of Ryan and his incredible journey.