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Student of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Rowan Dougan for being Inclusively Taekwondo’s Student of the Year 2016! He was nominated for the award for his efforts in class week in and week out. He always puts in 100% and it is paying off with his patterns and sparring. I don’t think anyone could beat his hopping side kicks! Rowan is very courteous to his instructors and fellow students. He’s patient and kind with new members learning new techniques. Basically, an absolute pleasure to have in class!


Inclusively Grading 10th December 2016

Congratulations to all our Inclusively students who passed their gradings. We now have lots of new shiny belts.

Congratulations to Krisha who was our Inclusively Best in Grading. She was awarded this for training really hard towards her grading. She always puts in 100% effort.

Inclusively Best In Grading - December 2016 - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo

Wirral Sports Forum Awards October 2016

Congratulations to Inclusively Taekwondo’s volunteer, Nathan Jones, for being runner up at the Wirral Sports Forum Awards Young Volunteer of the Year. Amazing achievement!
Nathan has volunteered for the last twelve months for our charity Inclusively Taekwondo. He is a very bright and bubbly character who interacts with the Inclusively students in a very natural and intuitive manner. In class he is very calm, gives clear concise instructions and is able to break down skills and techniques into simple step enabling Inclusive students to learn and progress within their own capabilities.
The classes are very demanding with a wide variety of age and needs. Without Nathan’s consistent support, we would not have had the same extent of success we have had from our students. We have students who have now gained their third belt and had fifteen of our students compete at the local interclub taekwondo competition. We could not have achieved this without the support of our volunteers.

One of Inclusively Taekwondo’s aims is to create an ethos of acceptance at Wirral & Chester Academy. There is a fear of doing or saying the ‘wrong thing’ with students with additional needs due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. This is evidenced through research:

  • 27% of people think disabled people are treated differently because there is a lack of knowledge around disability
  • 65% of people have admitted they avoid disabled people because they don’t know how to act around them
  • 180 disability hate crimes are committed every day in this country

Training side by side with a common goal is breaking down those barriers. What a great role model for students, young and old, at the Academy to see a young, ‘cool’ and very talented young man interacting so positively with our students. Positive peer pressure at its best!
Jordan describes Nathan as: “Nathan is nice & cool. He good helping us & good at kicking. He talks nice to me makes me giggle & is a lovely man”
All of our students adore and idolise Nathan. One of our students, Curtis, calls him “my hero”. Chris, a young man with Down’s Syndrome, has formed a very special relationship with Nathan. Chris is quite quiet and shy but his relationship with Nathan has opened up his cheeky personality. It’s lovely to watch them joking and teasing each other. Chris greets Nathan with a big bear hug every time he sees him. Chris describes Nathan as: “kind, cleaver, his movements is amazing, good to watch”.
This is what some of Inclusively’s parents had to say about Nathan:
I think Nathan is really caring & has a fantastic attitude he is very calming & always gets the best out of the kids in a fun way. He is very patient & understanding of others & not judgemental. He is energetic & passionate & has a wonderful presence & always feel happy & secure when Nathan is working within the group. Such a joy to know this young man
Jordan’s mum
It’s a fantastic nomination and well deserved. Nathan is always consistent in his approach to TKD and helping others, especially kids and SEN students. He is talented yet modest and always greets kids and adults alike with an unassuming smile. An absolute pleasure to train with and a great advantage to your team when it comes to ITKD.
John Newitt (a student’s dad)
I would support Nathan’s nomination because my son Sam who is eleven has ASD. Prior to joining Wirral and Chester TKD through Inclusively Taekwondo, Sam lacked confidence to engage in any sport. Since joining the club, he has improved immeasurably. This is in no small part down to the Instructors and helpers, of which Nathan is included. He assists the students by making them feel at ease and providing instructions in a way that helps them understand. He makes the classes great fun and has helped previously hard to reach students, such as Sam, gain access to a brilliant sport. This not only helps the students achieve from a sporting perspective but also to develop important life skills. 
Christian (a student’s dad)


Inclusively Grading 24th September 2016

Congratulations to all our Inclusively students who passed their gradings. We now have lots of new shiny belts:
3 Yellow Stripes: Alfie, Leon, Phoebe
8 Yellow belts: Jordan, Mark, Neal, Alfie, Leo, Nathan, Ethan, Sam
2 Green Stripes: Chris, Lewis
4 Green Belts: Robyn, Marli, James, Ian
1 Red Stripe: Rowan
1 Red Belt: Ryan
Congratulations to Robyn who was our Inclusively Best in Grading. She was awarded this for training really hard towards her grading. She always puts in 100% effort.

Inclusively Best In Grading September 2016 - Wirra & Chester Taekwondo

Beth Tweddle at Wirral & Chester Academy 27th August 2016

Our Inclusively class were lucky enough to meet Beth Tweddle MBE Olympic Bronze medalist on Saturday. She came to Wirral & Chester Academy to support our #IAmTeamGB open day.

Canal Street 1st August 2016

It was Carol’s birthday last Friday. Her favourite present was her Monkey. Monkey did some great kicks and punches and was awarded Star of the Week.
Carol is one of our much loved residents at Canal Street Centre, Chester. She has a cracking sense of humour and thought Monkey getting Star of the Week was absolutely hilarious. 
If you know of any Day Care Centres who would like some taekwondo sessions, please let us know.

World Champion

We are very proud of one of our Inclusively Taekwondo volunteers, Nathan Jones, who won a gold medal at the World Championships in Birmingham last weekend. Well done Nathan, we are very proud of you xx

Nathan Gold Medal

Inclusive - Best In Grading - Wirral & Chester TaekwondoGrading 11th June 2016

We had a massive 15 students grade this time!
We are very pleased to announce we now have:
-5 new Yellow Stripes: Alfie, Sam, Matthew, Kyla and Jackson
-3 new Yellow Belts: Chris, Dylan and Lewis
-4 new Green Stripes: James, Ian, Marli and Robyn
-2 new Red Belts: Alysha and Sam
A special well done to Chris who received Inclusively’s Best in Grading. He was strong and focused in his grading and always works hard in class. 

Sam VaughanStar Of The Week

Star of the Week this week went to Sam!
Sam did his first grading on June 11th and earned an advanced pass. He always shows his courtesy and trains really hard every lesson.

Well done Sam, very well deserved!

Easy Fundraising

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Star Of The Week - Inclusively Taekwondo - Wirral & Chester TaekwondoStar Of The Week

Star of the Week this week went to Curtis!
Curtis always supports all his fellow students whether they are competing, grading or just in class. Your support is very much appreciated Curtis!


On the 19th March twelve of our students took their grading:
We now have:
8 new yellow stripes: George, Curtis, Lucas, Alfie, Mark, Neil, Chris and Leo
2 new yellow belts: Ian and James
1 new blue belt: Rowan
1 new red stripe: Ryan
A massive congratulations to all of our students who did their grading. A special congratulations goes to James who was given ‘Best In Grading’ not only for his focus and power at the grading but also all the hard work he put in preparing for the grading.

Deeside Competition

On 14th February Inclusively had their first categories in the North Wales Interclub competition held in Deeside. Our students all performed their patterns. Ian and William even had a sparring competition. Each and everyone of them was amazing!

North Wales Championships - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo

North Wales Championships - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo

Christmas Party

Ryan was awarded Student Of The Year for his amazing Taekwondo journey!

Inclusive Student Of The Year - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo

Inclusive Student Of The Year - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo