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Ninja Skillz - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo The Little Ninja programme is specifically designed to target the stages of development of 5 and 6-year olds. As a preliminary Taekwondo training course it focuses on building 5 and 6-year olds capabilities; physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It will help each child properly develop the basic fundamental skills they are currently acquiring at this age.   During the classes we cover 1 of 8 skills per class (in order as below). During each class we run a warm-up; deliver a mat chat about the skill; run two or three skill-building drills; and then we have them demonstrate the skill to earn their skill-stripe. They must earn all 8 skill-stripes in order to graduate to the next belt level. Once they earn their next belt they will continue to run through all 8 skills earning their skill-stripes with more challenging curriculum as they advance to each rank.   5 – 6 YEAR OLDS – 8 SKILLZ   FOCUS - this skill helps students improve their attention while also developing listening skills, hand     eye-coordination, and foot-eye-coordination.   TEAMWORK - this skill helps students develop social skills such as taking turns, sportsmanship, and leadership.   CONTROL - this skill helps students develop control over their body, mind, and emotions.   MEMORY - this skill will help students improve their long-term, short-term, and reactive memory.   BALANCE - this skill helps students develop lower body muscles, core muscles, and control.   DISCIPLINE - this skill will help students follow directions, gain self-discipline, increase attention, and improve behavior.   FITNESS - this skill will help students develop their arm, leg, core, and heart muscles.   COORDINATION - this skill will help students develop skills associated with knowing their left and right hands and feet, and well as doing two or more things at one time.   Taekwondo Foundations Throughout the programme our ninjas will also learn some of the key foundations of Taekwondo. They’ll be taught some of the key etiquettes demonstrated in a Martial Art, such as how to bow and to respond to instructors with yes Sir or Ma’am, and also be shown some basic stances and start to break down and learn their first pattern, preparing them for the more challenging curriculum of our core Taekwondo classes. Once we feel a ninja is ready, regardless of age, we’ll promote them into the core Taekwondo classes. Click to Contact Us Like our Facebook page to keep up to date on the Ninja Skillz Programme W&C Ninja Skillz
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