Junior Black Belt

Junior Blackbelt Club - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo

Black Belt club now runs on every Tuesday night and Saturday daytime at the academy.

Tuesday 8.00pm – 9.00pm Mixed Juniors and Seniors

Saturday 12.00pm – 1.00pm Juniors only

Black Belt Club is a class that caters for all Black Belt Students and those students that are hoping to take their own Black Belt grading (Red Belts and above). The Black Belt Club concentrates upon the techniques and applications for some of the more difficult moves within Taekwondo giving the students an ideal opportunity to improve their abilities. As Black Belts, students have amassed huge knowledge and all of our Black Belts have found it very beneficial having a class that is dedicated to their progression and development. To date Wirral & Chester Taekwondo has produced:-
  • 386 – 1st Degree Black Belts
  • 51 – 2nd Degree Black Belts
  • 18 – 3rd Degree Black Belts
  • 6 – 4th Degree Black Belts
  • 2 – 5th Degree Black Belt
  • 2 – 6th Degree Black Belt
Awards at Black Belt Grading.
When students Grade for their Black Belts they travel down to Bristol to the TAGB Headquarters. Here they are graded by Grand Master Oliver 9th Degree Black Belt and 4 senior members of the TAGB Committee who are all Master 8th Degree Black Belts. These grading’s are held over 3 days and students from all around the country take part The grading encompasses everything from the Taekwondo syllabus from White Belt through to Black Belt grade. As well as being assessed for their next grade, students are also judged for the prestigious National award “Best in Black Belt Grading”. We are very fortunate to be able to say that we have had 7 people win this award from Wirral & Chester Taekwondo:-
  • Richard Saunders
  • Michael Orford
  • Amy Truesdale
  • Kimberley Hardcastle
  • Steven Dunn
  • Anna Williams
  • Lily Robertson
These awards are as much a credit for Wirral & Chester Taekwondo as they are for the students, as it shows the standard of teaching at our schools.
Junior Black Belt Club - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo Junior Black Belt Club - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo Junior Black Belt Club - Wirral & Chester Taekwondo  
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